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Some Lessons to be learned from the current Crisis

Some Lessons to be learned from the current Crisis

The first lesson given by the Covid-19 crisis is to remind us that infectious diseases can still have a major impact on our lives. But this crisis also underlines that we humans are capable of reacting quickly to health crises. And indeed, vaccines were developed in record time. However, and obviously this does not mean that we know how to avoid the next pandemic.

The following observations may be made:

1.The competition between laboratories was generally positive.

2.The attitude of some States was more questionable. Overpopulation, urbanisation and international travel contributed to the transmission of the virus. But closing borders in an increasingly integrated global economy is very complicated. The consequences can be severe for national economies. And it is also likely that many political but also health authorities underestimated the gravity of this health crisis. It remains to be hoped that this dramatic crisis will at least teach the different States to cooperate with each other in a more transparent way.

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